Riz MC’s MICroscope @Fabric/Latitude (2010)


Key performer on RIZ MC’s visionary interactive live music experience that took place at world famous nightclub Fabric, Sadlers Wells and Latitude Festival – as part of conceptual album project ‘MICroscope’ (Tru Thoughts). The debut album set Riz apart as a singular voice with an innovative and bold musical vision.

MICroscope initiates you into the sonic war that rages all around us… where the viral power of music and the physical force of sound vibrations are used by corporations and officialdom to control airwaves, physical and digital space, and ultimately to control the listeners themselves. The secretive, outlawed MICroscope resistance controversially fight fire with fire, initiating recruits and immunizing the public with their own psychsonics, and S.I.C.k. (sonic immersion for cerebral kinesis).

“as a means of connecting album tracks to create one seamless performance it works brilliantly… It was something very satisfying and exciting to be a part of and sends a message out to all other performing musicians: Must try harder”
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Riz Ahmed is star of award-winning film and TV including ‘Four Lions’ (Chris Morris), ‘Nightcrawler’ (Jake Gyllenhaal), ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ (Kate Hudson), ‘Road to Guantanamo’ (Michael Winterbottom), Peter Kosminsky’s ‘Britz’ (BAFTA + RTS winner, Emmy nominated), ‘Dead Set’ (BAFTA nominated), and Shifty (Best Actor, Geneva Film Festival)

MICroscope Fabric flyer