The Little Witch @InTransit Festival (2014)

Marie Forbes and Sophie Nuzel - The Little Witch (illustration by Kevin Ward)

(Writer / Performer)

Writer and performer on a Promenade theatre piece that featured an intergenerational dance cast. Part of National Theatre’s Watch This Space and inTransit Fest at The Place, the UK’s premier centre for contemporary dance. Choreographed and directed by Marie Forbes and Sophie Nüzel. Artwork by Kevin Ward.

Move through forests and fields, winds and storms and explore together what it takes to be a Good Witch. Weird and wonderful creatures appear from the shadows as songs and sounds echo through the landscape. Just in time for Halloween, join The Little Witch on her magical journey through unexpected spaces at The Place.

You are invited to step into a dream world that unfolds before your eyes.

“Brilliant to see all ages dancing together – an inspiration!”
“Powerful, emotional, absolutely fabulous”
“Magnificent, regardless of age, just simply charming”
(audience feedback)